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Hi, I am just A ModernCaveman! I have made this page purely for those that have been asking if there is a central place to find my recipes. You know what…with my scattered recipe notes from google docs to actual notepads I think it will help me too :)

So here is a quick Bio. I  was born in South Africa in a town called Port Elizabeth and migrated to Australia when I was 6 years old. I have grown up in Melbourne since and also lived in a place called Gold Coast for 4 years. I am a software and website developer nerd that enjoys challenging projects. Fitness and Paleo eating is more about living the way we were designed. We were designed to be active and when we dont all sorts of depression and disease kicks in. A couple of years ago I noticed an increase in sensitivity to crappy foods including bread. For example I would have a sandwich for lunch and have to take a nap an hour later! My energy was all over the place. If i did not have something to eat within 2 hours my mood would turn foul and I would literally be unable to to have a civil conversation until my next sugar hit. Fast food was part of my diet, but not a lot of it. Even when I thought I was eating healthy (brown rice, wholegrain bread etc) I was still getting these mood swings.

So I cooked sauces from jars only and pretty much could only cook a spaghetti bolognese and basic clean meals. That is when I found Paleo and went for it. Within the first month I had dropped over 5kg of fat and my energy levels and mood was finally stabilizing. My taste buds were changing too and I was craving more clean foods and less sugar filled foods. In fact after about month 2 I decided to treat myself for being so good to a magnum ego, which was my favorite ice cream and I had to throw it away half way as it tasted so full of sugar I felt sick! The proof was in…we are all addicted to sugar, a legal drug!

I then started an Instagram account to document my journey and have found mainly through there the recipes and inspiration I need to stay on track! Within a few months out of pure necessity and being sick of salads I started cooking and the rest is history. Cooking is something I believe that should be taught to children from early on in school, instead of algebra…as it’s probably the single most important skill one can have. 

I hope you can find some inspiration from me as I have from many other wonderful people. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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