Almond Allergy…Beware!

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Geesh, talk about taking your time there caveman! Ever since going Paleo, I have had this on and off again dry skin (sometimes really bad, sometimes alright), and I just put it down as a Paleo thing. I even thought maybe it was just my body going into shock from the change of diet. Then eventually, I just got used to it and managed it with coconut oil. The waking up after eating almonds before bed with a closed throat was more startling though and alerted me to a problem. Now, I’ve never recommended almond milk before to anyone and never liked it myself. There was something really unnatural about it, and I knew caveman would have sooner discovered coconut milk than almond milk so I have used that. However, I noticed that nearly all my recipes and even the ones I love have this damn almond meal in them. Point is, after cutting out almond meal for over 10 days now – my face is completely normal again, and I feel much better.

Did You Know 1 Cup Almond Meal has over 90 almonds?

So I did some research recently on almonds and discovered some not so great facts about them. The info is condensed below and with some links as well.

  • It takes around 90 almonds to make one cup of almond meal! If you break that down into a serving size that’s 30 almonds. Would you eat 30 almonds in one sitting?
  • Around 20% of the fat in almonds is polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAS)
  • PUFAS encourage an inflammatory response in the body
  • PUFAS cause digestive issues by impairing the action of certain digestive enzymes
  • PUFAS deplete antioxidants in the body

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Almond Meal Alternative?

It’s funny because when it came to baking paleo goods I always got so excited when using Coconut Flour and or tapioca and you guessed it, that is the secret to the alternative. In my famous buns recipe, I tried making them with no almond meal and simply substituted the 1 cup of almond meal with a half cup coconut flour and half cup tapioca, and it worked!! The buns came out perfect and are even healthier for you! I will update the recipe soon. You may have to play with other recipes by adding more liquid (of your choice), but it should work, and with time I will replace all my recipes that have almond meal with this alternative. I hope this post can help a few people who may also have sneaky side effects of which they don’t know where they are coming from.

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