Amazing Natural Soap / Shampoo!


OK so this is really quite embarrassing. Mr Modern Caveman, doing everything possible to rid his body of chemicals… rubbing a couple of bread rolls all over his body every night in the shower! Yes, its basically correct after I properly read the ingredients in my shower gel and found out it had xantham gum in there. Which is either corn, soy, dairy or wheat. Take your pick! The other 30 or so ingredients I couldn’t even read out loud and I threw the whole thing in the bin vowing to simply find the shower gel out there with the least amount of ingredients. Should be a simple mission right?

Baby Soap…Not So Safe!

So my first idea was simple…if it’s good enough for a sensitive baby, then it should be fine for me! How wrong I was and how very shocked I was. Sometimes the baby soap had more ingredients than the adult marketed ones and I shuddered at the thought of bringing in a new baby into this world, doing everything to keep their diet clean, but then bathing them in a chemical shit storm every day, and then rubbing other chemical creams on them afterwards. How did these products become legal??

Enter The Solution…

So after over an hour of searching I ended up in an organic food store in Richmond and on the bottom shelf I spotted Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap and got rather excited (maybe it was my South African roots). I flipped it over and straight away spotted about only 5 ingredients!! :) But then I read the following other benefits too!

  • Centuries old recipe
  • No parabens
  • No animal testing
  • No synthetic fragrance
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten-Free (yay)
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for Babies
  • 76% Fair Trade Content

If that wasn’t exciting enough I also read that buying this product has helped:

  • Empower over 5,300 students in Togo with bicycles
  • Fund 2,540 births
  • Plant 25,000 trees
  • Supply 8,000 students with supplies.

So I got the peppermint smelling one and tried it out. Wow!! I used it as a shower gel and a shampoo and honestly my hair has never had such a good clean. It lathered up fine and it’s like it cleaned my hair withOUT stripping my hair of natural oils like normal shampoos do, thus not requiring a conditioner. It worked fine as a shower gel too and required a little bit extra to lather up, but I understand the really foamy shower gels is part of the chemical reaction so I was fine with that.

This is NOT an advert, nor have I any contact with the company … yet :) I am just so excited to share this with anyone looking to cut back on 30+ ingredient products down to 5! Hopefully you can get this in your area. Here is the link to their online shop.


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