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For the past 2 years I have been doing only body weight / calisthenics exercises in an attempt to get myself a natural fit body that would mimic that of our ancestors. That means not a body that serves a temporary boost in my ego that is hard to maintain. Nearly every big body builder turns fat within a very short time if they do not maintain, and to maintain such a level of fitness and size is not realistic and often leads to force feeding yourself which is not sustainable and pretty selfish I think. So the fitness that calisthenics brings is more natural, easier to maintain and at least to me…it’s a lot more fun to reach certain goals such as a muscle up, instead of just hitting a weight machine indoors and working the same little muscle over and over. Calisthenics will work a heap of muscles in one single movement, such as a pull up. Just this single movement will work your arms, core, shoulders and chest. Add a variation and you work even more muscles. There is a lot of fuss about cross-fit as well these days, and that is another one that is just a bit too extreme for me. It’s also proven to be very dangerous as you can get yourself a cross fit trainer certificate in a weekend. Then these poor people are put to extreme work using non proper forms and doing insane things. Many many injuries are a result but I will save that rant for another post. Once again its not realistic to maintain. Calisthenics on the other hand can be done anywhere you can hang a bar, in your garage, doorway or back yard. Its not about size or trying to beat other people or going extreme…its about challenging yourself personally. You can work every single part of your body using just your own body weight and I would imagine thousands of years ago before gyms and all of that nonsense, a caveman would just use a tree branch to keep in shape!

I would recommend checking out barbrothers if you would like to get into this more! I am glad I found it!

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  1. I agree that calisthenics need to be a bigger part of everyone’s workout routine… but I think you have the wrong idea about crossfit! In my box at least, the coaches are constantly telling the macho men (my husband, an ex-”meathead”, included) to put down the heavy weights and focus mostly on proper form – no one is pushed to go above their capacities. We are encouraged to go faster, further, heavier each time, but I was actually quite surprised by how gentle these progressions are, and at how well tailored they are for each individual.

    Also, there is a ton of calisthenics – actually, I’d say most of the work is body weight work! There is almost always a lift involved in the WOD, yes, but they use free weights, not machines, so natural movement is mimicked/invoked.

    For the qualifications, I can’t speak for all boxes of course, but I know that my box requires the coaches have lots of experience as a crossfitter, then they must follow a three month course, plus a couple other little one-day things. No, it’s not years of schooling, but it’s much more than just a weekend. The new coaches are then taken under the wing of an existing coach to learn even more before finally being left alone with a group.

    And lastly, it may not be sustainable for all, but that’s not a generalization you can rightly make. There is a very old granny in my box, and she could totally kick my ass! There are many sports that are “hard”, and many people quit their favorite sport as they grow older. Maybe you won’t be able to do muscle ups in 30 years – that doesn’t mean they were too extreme of a choice for your younger self.

    Anywho, rant over, I just wanted to say that yes, you can get hurt, but you can get hurt in any sport. Yes, it is hard, but any good sport is and pushes you to be better. And yes, maybe not all elderly can do it, but that’s true for most sports. I find crossfit to be an excellent, well-rounded sport for me, maybe it’s not for you, and that’s fine.

    By the way, you look great, so by all means, keep up what you’re doing! :-D

    1. hehe! Bit of a rant there meg :) You are lucky then and if you find a good crew then stick with them! Unfortunately I have heard many stories of injury and people just going a bit too extreme with it all. Also I have seen cross-fit style pullups or kips or whatever they call them, and crossfit style muscle ups and they are a joke! Check this youtube clip out to compare street workout vs crossfit style..haha its hilarious. Each to their own…I still will not have a go at someone for having intentions to get up off the couch and workout ;)

      1. I can understand the horror stories – there is a guy at my box who is ALWAYS there. I’m seriously starting to wonder if he has a job or if he actually lives at the box… And he is constantly lifting heavier, rowing longer, kipping harder… But he is not the norm.

        There are also runners who run themselves into the ground, ruining their leg joints. Anything done in excess is dangerous. ;-)

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