Natural HeartBurn Relief

natural heartburn relief

If you have ever suffered from heart burn please read on! I awoke on Sunday morning to the most painful heart burn of my life. My vision was blurry, and my chest felt like it was going to explode and I do not believe in taking pills for anything I started searching frantically for a remedy hoping I had the ingredients…I was desperate! I then found an amazing article and the solution was simply apple cider vinegar! I skimmed the article and downed 2 teaspoons of my farmers market bought ACV to 250ml of water and within a few minutes the pain went away, I repeated about 3 times over 20 minutes and was completely cured! What a relief! Turns out adding more acid into my stomach triggered the top of my stomach to close tightly and solved the problem…Acid blockers and Antacids only give temporary relief but long term they actually prolong the problem.

Natural HeartBurn Relief That Works!

Of course I was skeptic and it did take a few dosages, but that could be purely due to the fact mine was so acute…but it did work. Since I originally wrote this on instagram I have had plenty of people following up that it has worked for them, so if it does for you please leave a comment. A natural heartburn relief is something I did not think would be possible, let alone even more effective than the store bought kind. Another variation might be that my farmers market bought ACV is different than the store bought type, if this is the case I recommend keeping an eye out for a more natural ACV as to be honest the flavour is that much better anyway. Luckily I have not had another incident since, but next time I get the early symptoms that I ignored, I will hit this for instant heartburn relief! I hope it helps you too!

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